At Western Heights Montessori Academy, our admission process is designed to enable our families to experience our program first-hand and determine whether it is the right fit for their child. We work together with parents as partners during the child’s onboarding process to understand the key learning objective for each child and customize a development plan based on the parent’s objectives. There are three simple steps to enroll in our program:

1) Schedule a tour:

We welcome each family to come and witness the program in person either through an open house or a pre-scheduled tour. The tour is a two-way, interactive process that allows parents to find out more about us, the Montessori program and the child’s learning environment. We also get an opportunity to know each other better. Early morning tours are recommended where structured learning time occurs for most of our classrooms. You will also have an opportunity to discuss key learning objectives you have for your child with our Supervisor and Teacher.

2) Bring your child to the classroom:

If you like what you see and hear during the tour, you are invited to schedule another visit together with your child prior to the official enrollment date. During the second visit, the directress welcomes the child into their classroom and he/she is given an opportunity to work with several of the Montessori materials.  During this time, the child is assigned to a student who will introduce him/her to the class.  The directress assesses the child’s learning style, interests, social/emotional readiness and previous academic experience (if relevant).  A customized learning plan is developed based on our observation of the child and your feedback. The visit also familiarizes the child with the new environment and makes his/her transition to the program easier.

3) Fill out application forms:

After your visit, you will complete our application form and submit it to us along with the appropriate deposit.  Admission of new students into Western Heights Montessori Academy is subject to the availability of space.  Please note that if a class is filled and no spaces are available, your child’s name will be put on a waiting list and you will be notified when space becomes available.

We look forward to start this exciting learning journey with you and your child!