Our Mission

At Western Heights Montessori Academy, we believe that every child is special and unique. It’s our mission to bring out the full potential in our students by offering a customized, engaged and enriched program in a close-knit, caring environment.

Our experienced and certified Montessori teachers work closely with you to tailor your child’s learning plan around his or her needs; sharing their progress and adjusting their plan regularly to achieve enhanced learning.

In spite of busy schedules and life’s many demands, we understand you want to be a part of your child’s learning journey. Our staff focuses on parent-teacher communication and keeps you engaged every step of the way.

Our close-knit community and low teacher-to-student ratios enables every child to receive the attention he or she needs. At Western Heights Montessori Academy, each child is not just a name within a sea of other students, but a close family member known to everyone in our warm, extended family.

We invite you to come and meet our highly qualified teachers and start this exciting learning journey with us!